5mins38secs In Love with a Stranger

Some years ago. Maybe 10, maybe more, I fell in love with a stranger.

In D.C. One of those nights out with the girls. I wasn’t looking.

All I wanted to do was dance.

2am. I think it was a Memorial Day Weekend, a stranger drew me to the dance floor. He lifted my hand and gently guided me. For 5mins and 38secs, I fell in love.

2 afternoons ago, sitting in traffic, I remembered the stranger. The one who held me tenderly and we stepped together in the name of love.

I didn’t get his name, I didn’t need to. He didn’t ask me mine. He didn’t need to. When the song ended, he went back to his table and me to my table with my girls.

All I remember is that we were so perfectly instep and for 5mins and 38secs we were one – not speaking, not hoping for more.

Pure love. Pure happiness.

Just 2 strangers dancing to this:

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