I Want a Willow Smith Child

One of the hardest things about raising a daughter is getting her to be ok with who she is in a world that will try to dictate how she should look and behave. This thought is one with the definition of what a “good girl” is.

Perceptions on what is pretty are so ingrained in what being a girl is all about. Good girls are meant to look tame. Good girls are supposed to fit the model of what a girl looks like.

In looking for ways to explain to my daughters that an afro with a clip is a “good” as long blonde hair that falls tamed behind one’s shoulders, I came across, yes, my favorite – Sesame Street. The creator of this song, has an adopted daughter from Ethiopia and he noticed that she, like my two daughters wanted “good” hair.

Which led me to Willow Smith. This video inspired this video by this not considered “good” girl:

Now I am not saying that everything this girl does would not give me nightmares if my own did the same; what I am saying is, in light of the choices that my little girls have to make, I will take a Willow Smith Child.

I don’t want “good daughters.” I want badly behaved girls who make the world spin, because society will not be the measure for what is “good.”

Well-behaved women seldom make history.” –¬†Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

“Good girls seldom make history.”


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