how to post a comment

Thank you all for the wonderful responses I have received through your emails, I will be posting those shortly on the blog so that others may see them.

Many of you have asked how to post a comment. Please find the steps below:

1. At the bottom of each post you will see this:

“posted by the center @ 8:58 PM 3 comments

2. Click on the 3 comments part of the sentence

3. A pop up window will appear and the tab will be set under “Leave your comment” Write you comment here.

4. When you have written your comment, select your identity as “Other” or as a blogger if you own a blog site.

5. Fill in your name in the name slot. You do not need to fill in the web page slot.

6. Under “word verification” type in the letters you see above the box ( this reduces spam which can sometimes be posted on the blog…believe me it’s annoying)

7. Click “Publish Your Comment”

8. And you are done!!

You can then go back to the blog and and review another post and comment.


2 responses to “how to post a comment

  1. “I can hear the roar of Women’s Silence” T. Sankara…..
    Yes indeed, your blog makes that roar defeaning! Hongera!

  2. Welcome to the space.

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